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Self-Care Advent Calendar

Updated: Jan 8

The holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year and can be particularly tough on singers. In the midst of an endless stream of gigs, it’s all too easy to forgo setting time aside for oneself. To that end, we thought it would be fun to adapt the childhood tradition of the Advent Calendar into an adult-friendly activity that focuses on self-care to help get you through this chaotic month while celebrating the season.

There’s no formula for how to go about styling this self-care Advent Calendar. It could be as simple as printing out this article and checking off each day as it passes. If you’re feeling crafty, you could write down each day’s item and add it to your extant advent calendar or even create a new one using envelopes or boxes. Make it as fun or as simple as you’d like! You’re also welcome to switch the days on which each item occurs to get the most out of the calendar and make it work for you. No matter what, commit to making yourself a priority this month!

December 1

Set aside five minutes to write down everything you’re grateful for today. Bonus points for making this practice a daily habit for the next 24 days.

December 2

Make your bed with fresh sheets and climb into bed 30 minutes early to catch up on a book you’re currently reading.

December 3

Create a playlist of all your favorite seasonal hits and guilty pleasures to listen to throughout the day.

December 4

Spend at least fifteen minutes outside today, weather permitting. Try strolling through your neighborhood to check out Christmas lights or going on an invigorating cold-weather run.

December 5

Plan a phone-free catch-up session with a good friend, significant other, or family member over hot drinks.

December 6

Knock one item off your to-do list that has been weighing on you, no matter how small.

December 7

Buy a new candle and burn it while reading a good book, watching your favorite TV show, or enjoying a holiday movie.

December 8

Set aside time for a physical activity that you find enjoyable, such as a restorative yoga class or a long nature walk.

December 9

Commit to scheduling at least eight hours of sleep tonight. Extra credit for striving for 8+ hours of sleep per night for the next week!

December 10

Find creative ways to stay hydrated today, such as flavoring your water with fruit slices or incorporating a new and interesting herbal tea into your regimen.

December 11

Bake something indulgent and festive that you can share with roommates or friends.

December 12

Carve out at least 30 minutes to work on a hobby or new skill that is not related to singing.

December 13

Plan a short trip, get-together, or date night to look forward to after the new year.

December 14

Take a “personal day” with no plans or obligations on the schedule. Allow yourself to indulge in doing nothing.

December 15

Meal prep for the coming week and commit to preparing your own food for the next few days. If you’re in need of inspiration, check out our cookbook filled with easy recipes!

December 16

Pay it forward by doing a kind and unexpected act for a stranger, such as buying coffee for the person behind you in line, sending a round of drinks to the couple who is celebrating an anniversary at the table next to you, or something as simple as genuinely complimenting the outfit of the person sitting across from you on the subway.

December 17

Wake up early today to allow yourself time to have a slow and mindful morning. Bonus points for watching the sunrise!

December 18

Give your wallet a break during an expensive season and commit to a no-spend day.

December 19

Ask for help with one area of your life that you’re currently struggling with. This request could be outsourcing a task that you don’t have time for, such as house cleaning or grocery delivery, or it could be reaching out to someone for advice and guidance.

December 20

Write and send a letter to a teacher, mentor, coach, or colleague who has helped you and made an impact in your life over the past year.

December 21

Schedule a pampering session that you’ve been craving, such as a mani-pedi, massage, or haircut. If you’re tight on money, set aside time for a long nap because God knows singers need them during the holiday gig season.

December 22

Pick one area of your home to go through, organize, and clean out Marie Kondo-style. Donate the items you no longer need.

December 23

Take advantage of holiday sales and gift yourself something that will make the winter season extra cozy, such as a soft blanket, a new sweater, or an essential oil diffuser.

December 24

Spend a few minutes reflecting on the past year. Write down responses to questions such as, “What am I most grateful for,” “What progress have I made this year,” and “What was my biggest challenge and triumph?”

December 25

Take a break from all social media today. Unplug to take full advantage of time spent with family and friends.

Self-care can easily be swept up by a consumerist mindset. However, more often than not, taking care of yourself simply requires paying attending to your needs and connecting with friends and loved ones. Take care of yourself this season and finish the year feeling like your best possible self! By putting your well-being first, you will be in a much stronger position to make 2020 your best singing year yet. Happy Holidays! What are your favorite ways to practice self-care?

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